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KU4AB Antennas are designed with PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY foremost in mind. We realize that value in an antenna derives not only from its RF efficiency, but also of how long you can expect this antenna to perform up to specs. The KU4AB SQ line antennas are built from solid 6061t aluminum rod, no light weight tubing is used. Hardware is stainless steel. The KU4AB SQ line of loop type antennas are specifically built for the weak signal fan who needs either an omni backup for a long boom beam, a stand alone mobile antenna or a great single antenna setup for those with restricted mounting room or covenants. The SQ line uses a hairpin match that makes it one of the quietest antennas around and provides a direct DC ground to bleed off static electricity. The hairpin match also resists rain detuning often found on loops with other matching systems.

KU4AB.COM at Dayton Hamvention 2007

Antenna Gain Testing
Did you ever notice that QST does not let antenna advertisers list gain figures in their adds? Ever wonder why? Many manufacturers inflate the gain figures on their antennas to sell them using dissimilar measurement methods making it seem to the unwary buyer that their antenna performs better than another.

Check out the Central States VHF Society web site. Those antenna gurus test antennas and publish reliable results. Their main interest is determining what actually works best not what sells best.

Our SQ-144 was tested in 2001 other similar SSB omni antennas were tested in 1999. Check out the "antenna gain results" at